About Us

Underbite Games out of Grand Rapids Michigan is a game design studio focused on the creation of unique products within the digital and analog game industries.  Underbite strives to produce rich visuals and deep gameplay experiences with all of our games.

Underbite has three primary focuses:

1) Developing original Intellectual Property (IP) and Partnerships on full games.

2) Outsource solution for 3D Art, UI\UX and Complete Game Development.

3) Growing the Michigan Gaming Cluster through committee participation and active training of talent through hands on experience and partnerships with Universities. 

Passion for Games

Because game development is our passion, our team often goes well beyond the typical work day discussing how to improve aspects of a project like User Experience or  trying out new mechanics.  

This effort is not done because we are paid to (except sometimes through pizza & Mountain Dew) but because we love our job.  This extra effort is what helps continue to stand out with our customers and create long lasting partnerships.


Team Driven

At Underbite, we work in a very collaborative environment allowing each area of production to have input on a project and be constantly updated on the status.

Competitive Rates

Many people ask "Why setup in Michigan?"  Besides enjoying the seasons, the low cost of living allows us to be very competitive with our rates. This cost savings contributes to Underbite making standout games and art without requiring an army of freelancers or shipping work overseas.

Talented, friendly, and not afraid of unexpected challenges. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and level of service I’ve received.
— Brandon H. (Indie Developer)
Reliable, professional and ultra-friendly. I could not have hoped for a better team of creatives to collaborate with.

Would make game-babies with them again.
— Alejandro Rodriguez